Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball Tryout Information

Tryouts will be held Monday, November 16 – Wednesday, November 18.

BVHS Tiger Family,

The winter sports season starts Monday! We are currently and have been getting ready for this season for quite some time.  There is A LOT of information on this email and I apologize for that, but there is a lot of changes made due to COVID-19 that we need to cover before Monday.  Please know that your son’s safety, the coaching staff’s safety and the community’s safety is put first when making these protocols for tryouts.  We are also following guidelines given to us by the district as well.

We are looking forward to having a great and safe week of tryouts November 16th – 18th.

If you are interested in basketball this year below are the things that you need to do before & during tryouts:

1. Fill out the Boys Basketball Tryout Form:

(This will help us have contact info for you and your parents and give us a good idea of what our numbers will look like come Monday)

2. Get your physicals turned in Mrs. Herzog in the office.  All students/athletes need to have physical and insurance information turned into the BVH Athletic Office in order to try out by Nov. 16th.  Mrs. Herzog is the athletic secretary and you can pick up a packet from her in the main office or get the document from this link:

(This document is also attached to the email in case the link doesn’t work)

*Players who do not have their Athletic Packet completed will be unable to participate in tryouts –NO EXCEPTIONS—athletes who participated in a fall sport already have this done.

Tryouts are Nov. 16-18th.

Please read the below schedule and protocols/mitigation plan for tryouts.

  • We are splitting up our 10th-12th grade tryouts and splitting our Freshman tryouts to limit the numbers in the gym. We are doing it just like we have been with our hybrid school schedule.  The schedule is below with dates and times.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
10-12th Grades 10-12th Grades 10-12th Grades
M-Z, 315-430  Main Gym M-Z, 315-430   Main Gym A-L, 315-430     Main Gym
A-L, 440-555    Main Gym A-L, 440-555     Main Gym M-Z, 440-555     Main Gym
Freshman Freshman Freshman
A-L, 615-715   Main Gym M-Z, 615-715    Main Gym A-L, 615-715    Main Gym
M-Z, 730-830   Main Gym A-L, 730-830      Main Gym M-Z, 730-830     Main Gym


Tryout Protocols:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: If your son or anyone in your family has been exposed or has COVID-19 please contact one of the coaches or the school nurse. We as a staff will figure out a time your son can tryout.  We are trying to keep our numbers low for tryouts so that we don’t have to quarantine 20-30 players for 2-3 weeks and miss a large chunk of our season.  It is very important to communicate any cases to our staff for the safety of others and our season.
  2. When entering the school a mask must be worn until you get into and enter the gym.
  3. When leaving the gym, your mask must be worn until you get into your car.
  4. There will be a line to a desk outside the Main Gym where a coach will take the athletes temp. before gym entry.
  5. Temperature checks will be made before every tryout period at the door of the gym.
  6. Athletes must bring own water bottle in order to tryout. Please bring a limited amount of stuff to tryouts.  The less stuff we have spread around the gym the better.
  7. Freshman please wear a light colored shirt with your last name on it somewhere that is large enough to read and visible to the coaches. 10-12 graders do not need to wear a shirt with name on it.

Tryout Policy/Procedures

Unfortunately, Boys’ Basketball is a sport where cuts are made.  Anyone that chooses to try out for boys’ basketball will be given numerous opportunities to show their abilities as a basketball player.  Players will be evaluated by the coaching staff in areas that include academics, character, defense, shooting, shot selection, decision making, dribbling, ball management, passing, rebounding, effort, attitude, intensity, coachability, conditioning, and athletic ability.  Decisions on making/not making a team will be communicated directly (and individually) to each player.

**We as a staff will meet individually with each player the night of cuts and personally talk to them about whether they made the team or not.  As we have many kids trying out, we do not get to spend much time talking to each kid about “why” they did not make the team.   We encourage any athletes that did not make the team to contact one of the coaches and set up a meeting before school or during tiger paws to discuss in further detail “why” they did not make the team and what they can work on for the future.  During this time an email would suffice as well.

***We will make our first round of cuts on Tuesday night after tryouts.  Our second round and final night of cuts will take place Wednesday night after tryouts.  Please be aware that on these nights your son may not be done until 30 min after the scheduled practice ends due to us meeting individually with them.

Our teams will be made and in place and our first practice will be Thursday, November 17th.  There will be a practice schedule online at  We are still making changes to the schedule so it is not completely finished yet.(Click on Schedules/Results –Practice Schedules are at the bottom of the drop down menu).

We will have a parent/player meeting via zoom Nov. 19 or Nov. 23 for those who make the team to discuss protocols, expectations of players and parents, etc.  That info will be sent out after tryouts.